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Lenwin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
Professional production of various plastic box
Design and manufacture of processing trading

About us

In the decades since LENWIN’s establishment, we have accumulated much experience while continuing to innovate and manufacture products on the basis of the spirit of stability and pragmatism. By focusing on these two important characteristics, our quality has been well received by customers and the requirements of different trades have been satisfied.

  Our products include various plastic tools for packaging, as well as relevant parts and components. We continue to innovate and break through in the area of professionalism and pay attention to the diversity and competitiveness of our products. We also proactively research and develop new products. In addition to focusing on the requirements of the consumer market and following global trends, we also carry out stringent control. We provide you with the products and service you need, as well as integrity!

Orders from OEM, local and overseas merchandisers and traders are welcome!

Case for End mills , Drills , Cutting tools , Hardware tools, Vehicle parts, Hand tools , Fastener, Mold parts, Component , Screws, Carbide tools, Jewelry, Pills…etc.

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Cutting tools series Hardware tools series Measuring tools series Parts document cabinet Save box series
Vehicle parts Variety case series

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