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Lenwin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
Professional production of various plastic box
Design and manufacture of processing trading


The officers of the Company are practitioners have long-term work experience for a long time, with the shaping the the deep quench experience of more than 10 years of manufacturing and development, won the recognition of customers.

Via production experience, great confidence in the quality control. The company's first line of production colleagues examine every product has always been the point of view of the purchaser and user requirements for product quality, almost harsh.

We specializes in processing, design, manufacture a wide range of precision tool series hardware tools measuring tools class series parts data cabinet storage box series car parts confluence Color Box Series or other new parts based company with the machinery. Fixture moldthe development of computer CNC machining to meet the needs of each company and to uphold the quality and credit quality inspection of multiple components, precision plastic products have considerable skills and experience Our ​​integrity steadfast career, service and quality basicprinciples, development, manufacturing all kinds of high-quality machinery and institutional components, services, responsible manner, please support and advice.

We developed products contains its own LENWIN-brand products and to accept commissioned OEM integration making all kinds of plastic products, and continue to develop new products of the plastic wrapper class, such as the latest to accept commissioned the manufacture of automotive parts class and parts information stands arethe manufacturing range are welcome Internet query about the latest products and the latest news ...

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