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(19-1) BLOW TOOL CASE - Texture serie

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Unit: m/m

Name Order No. Description
Y6 DV-03

Inner dia:200×85×60mm | Outside dia:265×135×108mm

Y7 DV-04

Inner dia:240×105×80mm | Outside dia:265×135×108mm

Y8 DU-8605

Inner dia:315×235×90mm | Outside dia:320×240×92mm

Z3 DUI-1-CP-400

Inner dia:186×124×30mm | Outside dia:197×137×40mm

Z6 DUI-1-2000

Inner dia:219×139×40mm | Outside dia:233×205×51mm

Z7 DUI-1-CP-1000

Inner dia:269×187×40mm | Outside dia:289×207×54mm

Z14 DUI-1-4000

Inner dia:330×215×40mm | Outside dia:338×200×63mm

Z16 DUI-1-1200

Inner dia:273×179×53mm | Outside dia:293×199×68mm

Z18 DUI-1-1600

Inner dia:325×245×47mm | Outside dia:345×265×67mm

Z20 DUI-1-3800

Inner dia:311×230×76mm | Outside dia:322×243×95mm

Z21 DUI-1-4900

Inner dia:301×240×64mm | Outside dia:312×254×81mm

Z24 DUI-1-1900

Inner dia:310×295×64mm | Outside dia:398×315×79mm

Z32 DUI-1-4600

Inner dia:334×245×90mm | Outside dia:345×256×100mm

Z33 DUI-1-3600

Inner dia:315×206×103mm | Outside dia:332×240×115mm

Z34 DUI-1-3300

Inner dia:343×187×63mm | Outside dia:374×269×76mm

Z38 DUI-1-4800

Inner dia:335×226×129mm | Outside dia:367×260×137mm

Z40 DUI-1-6800

Inner dia:372×257×84mm | Outside dia:393×280×106mm

Z41 DUI-1-6000

Inner dia:335×290×105mm | Outside dia:361×326×122mm

Z48 DUI-1-4200

Inner dia:429×325×88mm | Outside dia:438×353×99mm

Z68 DUI-1-7000

Inner dia:530×320×115mm | Outside dia:570×415×125mm

Z85 Z085

Inner dia:290×200/170×50mm | Outside dia:315×255×65mm

Z89 Z089

Inner dia:280×220/180×62mm | Outside dia:290×200×75mm

Z92 Z092

Inner dia:405×152×48mm | Outside dia:480×195×70mm

Z94 Z094

Inner dia:685×255/210×60mm | Outside dia:725×304×80mm

Z96 DU-4-8104

Inner dia:410×305×75mm | Outside dia:430×330×100mm

Z97 DU-4-8105

Inner dia:275×165/135×65mm | Outside dia:290×180×75mm

Z98 DU-4-8109

Inner dia:340×240×70mm | Outside dia:350×300×80mm

Z99 DU-4-8115

Inner dia:373×273×70mm | Outside dia:390×300×78mm

Z100 DU-4-8116

Inner dia:360×215×50mm | Outside dia:380×245×60mm

Z101 DU-4-8128

Inner dia:233×154/198×58mm | Outside dia:245×214×70mm

Z102 DU-4-8129

Inner dia:296×201/160×55mm | Outside dia:310×220×70mm

Z103 DU-4-8132

Inner dia:207×120×35mm | Outside dia:273×140×53mm

Z104 DU-4-8149

Inner dia:260×123×48mm | Outside dia:290×170×57mm

Z105 DU-4-8148

Inner dia:360×210×60mm | Outside dia:390×260×70mm

Z106 DU-4-8147

Inner dia:415×220×70   mm | Outside dia:458×270×80mm

Z107 DU-4-8192

Inner dia:330×170×55mm | Outside dia:362×220×65mm

Z108 DU-4-8173

Inner dia:357×203/243×38mm | Outside dia:380×270×55mm

Z109 DU-4-8181

Inner dia:240×106×33mm | Outside dia:255×135×50mm

Z110 DU-4-8188L

Inner dia:188×150×51mm | Outside dia:215×165×60mm

Z111 DU-4-8188S

Inner dia:155×122×40mm | Outside dia:170×140×50mm

Z112 DU-4-8189

Inner dia:295×180×45mm | Outside dia:316×207×55mm

Z113 DU-4-8212

Inner dia:300×158×103mm | Outside dia:315×185×130mm

Z114 DU-4-8229

Inner dia:265×165×38mm | Outside dia:280×180×53mm

Z115 DU-4-8233

Inner dia:260×260×130mm | Outside dia:295×298×150mm

Z116 DU-4-8234

Inner dia:186×87×20mm | Outside dia:205×105×32mm

Z117 DU-4-8237AA

Inner dia:450×380×180mm | Outside dia:470×420×200mm

Z118 DU-4-8237BB

Inner dia:450×380×100mm | Outside dia:470×420×120mm

Z119 DU-4-8237AB

Inner dia:450×380×140mm | Outside dia:470×420×160mm

Z120 DU-4-8240

Inner dia:240×170×72mm | Outside dia:280×200×90mm

Z121 DU-4-8264

Inner dia:252×183/140×45mm | Outside dia:274×222×65mm

Z122 DU-4-8287

Inner dia:290×205×75mm | Outside dia:320×262×93mm