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Unit: m/m

Name Order No. Description
Z4 DUI-1-CP-500

Inner dia:219×139×40mm | Outside dia:242×163×50mm

Z13 DUI-1-1500

Inner dia:292×215×40mm | Outside dia:312×235×59mm

Z15 DUI-1-3700

Inner dia:253×183×101mm | Outside dia:273×203×121mm

Z17 DUI-1-2100

Inner dia:147×88×22mm | Outside dia:167×108×32mm

Z19 DUI-1-1800

Inner dia:299×228×53mm | Outside dia:319×248×68mm

Z22 DUI-1-3500

Inner dia:250×242×80mm | Outside dia:270×262×95mm

Z23 DUI-1-2900

Inner dia:360×220×42mm | Outside dia:380×240×57mm

Z27 DUI-1-CP-1900

Inner dia:280×230×56mm | Outside dia:300×250×76mm

Z28 DUI-1-CP-2200

Inner dia:286×290×65mm | Outside dia:306×310×80mm

Z29 DUI-1-CP-2300

Inner dia:350×252×66mm | Outside dia:370×272×81mm

Z30 DUI-1-CP-2400

Inner dia:355×290×60mm | Outside dia:355×310×80mm

Z31 DUI-1-CP-700

Inner dia:253×150×35mm | Outside dia:270×170×52mm

Z37 DUI-1-5300

Inner dia:339×290×65mm | Outside dia:359×310×85mm

Z39 DUI-1-4300

Inner dia:375×295×74mm | Outside dia:395×315×94mm

Z46 DUI-1-8100

Inner dia:500×250×145mm | Outside dia:520×270×165mm

Z47 DUI-1-CP-4700

Inner dia:510×340×96mm | Outside dia:530×360×116mm

Z50 DUI-2-K203

Inner dia:298×257×59mm | Outside dia:219×277×74mm

Z51 DUI-2-K205

Inner dia:213×186×36mm | Outside dia:233×206×51mm

Z52 DUI-2-K207

Inner dia:235×107×31mm | Outside dia:255×127×41mm

Z53 DUI-2-K212

Inner dia:250×220×50mm | Outside dia:270×220×64mm

Z54 DUI-2-K213

Inner dia:210×160×40mm | Outside dia:230×180×50mm

Z55 DUI-2-K217

Inner dia:253×173×50mm | Outside dia:273×193×65mm

Z56 DUI-2-K313

Inner dia:365×255×55mm | Outside dia:385×275×70mm

Z57 DUI-2-K314

Inner dia:352×240×60mm | Outside dia:372×260×147mm

Z58 DUI-2-K320

Inner dia:358×240×40mm | Outside dia:378×265×51mm

Z59 DUI-2-K322

Inner dia:345×255×56mm | Outside dia:365×275×66mm

Z60 DUI-2-K323

Inner dia:298×227×52mm | Outside dia:318×247×62mm

Z61 DUI-1-1100

Inner dia:345×262×77mm | Outside dia:359×278×91mm

Z62 DUI-1-1900

Inner dia:288×298×66mm | Outside dia:398×315×79mm

Z63 DUI-1-2200

Inner dia:240×115×34mm | Outside dia:250×125×40mm

Z64 DUI-1-2600

Inner dia:344×160×35mm | Outside dia:335×217×49mm

Z65 DUI-1-2700

Inner dia:369×262×52mm | Outside dia:380×315×62mm

Z66 DUI-1-3400

Inner dia:235×225×77mm | Outside dia:342×232×95mm

Z67 DUI-1-5600

Inner dia:417×227×67mm | Outside dia:426×278×81mm

Z69 DUI-1-8200

Inner dia:515×277×155mm | Outside dia:525×290×168mm

Z70 DUI-1-8300

Inner dia:580×270×143mm | Outside dia:595×285×160mm

Z71 DUI-1-8900

Inner dia:427×240×105mm | Outside dia:437×295×121mm

Z72 DUI-1-9100

Inner dia:224×222×85mm | Outside dia:251×231×95mm

Z73 DUI-1-9615

Inner dia:715×200×95mm | Outside dia:750×215×105mm

Z74 DUI-1-CP-2100

Inner dia:340×265×44mm | Outside dia:357×280×54mm

Z75 DUI-1-CP-4300

Inner dia:399×256×81mm | Outside dia:409×310×89mm

Z76 DUI-1-CP-5000

Inner dia:215×102×46mm | Outside dia:222×110×54mm

Z77 DUI-1-CP-5200

Inner dia:352×241×105mm | Outside dia:363×312×117mm

Z78 DUI-1-CP-5400

Inner dia:293×172×58mm | Outside dia:313×258×68mm

Z79 DUI-1-CP-5500

Inner dia:375×203×68mm | Outside dia:386×300×78mm

Z80 DUI-1-CP-5600

Inner dia:410×235×76mm | Outside dia:435×330×86mm

Z81 Z081

Inner dia:190*105*32mm | Outside dia:200*115*40mm

Z83 Z083

Inner dia:200*115*36mm | Outside dia:210*150*45mm

Z84 Z084

Inner dia:255*145*47mm | Outside dia:265*180*60mm

Z86 Z086

Inner dia:316*210/186*63mm | Outside dia:340*268*70mm

Z87 Z087

Inner dia:260*149*50mm | Outside dia:270*183*55mm

Z88 Z088

Inner dia:335*223/205*75mm | Outside dia:350*260*85mm

Z90 Z090

Inner dia:210*122*42mm | Outside dia:265*35*52mm

Z93 Z093

Inner dia:435*250/245*68mm | Outside dia:465*320*75mm

Z95 Z095

Inner dia:330*250/210*60mm | Outside dia:350*270*70mm